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This page has been Added to contain advice and information from the Owners Committee should you wish to sell or are contacted by third parties offering to sell your timeshare.

Wish to sell your week?

We advise all owners that the safest and most reliable way of selling your week is via the MRL resale service contact details are    Free phone 00800 6223 6622

Their charges are reasonable and compare well with other 3rd `party re-sales companies. They will only charge the buyer for the legal and transfer fees for the sale.

They will also add a profit margin that the purchaser will pay in addition to the amount you have agreed to receive as the service is fully funded by MRL and not paid for by the maintenance fees.


There are many unscrupulous parties out there who will ring up offering to sell your timeshare, or ask you to join a “Class Action”. DO NOT DEAL WITH  COLD CALLERS.

Copy of the Macdonald’s Resale Service Statement

MRL Resale Service Statement

Please note! We do know that the resale market is almost non-existent. This means that if you need to sell, your expectations need to be realistic and be very careful on your choice of resale company.

Please be aware that the change in August 2014 to a points based system for the Club will have an effect on the resale of units.

The Changes to the Constitution mean that there is now a legitimate way to exit from the Club, and the possibility that Points, in the future will have a value that can be traded.

In the short term we advise contacting the MRL Sales office for advice.

Resale of Points

At the November 2015 AGM, MRL announced it will provide a voluntary resale service for owners “resort points” pertaining to owners former fixed weeks. The cost of this service is being met by MRL and not our members club. The service has been launched and any owners seeking to sell their points are invited to register their interest by contacting Email  Telephone 0344 879 9190 or 0344 879 9197. MRL will send you the terms and conditions of this service and should you be satisfied with these a resale contract will be sent to you for signature.

As always please be on guard should you receive a cold call from any third party with offers of a quick sale / transfer and beware should any upfront monies be requested.

It is still the members responsibility to control the sale of their points and we on the committee have no responsibility for the agreement they sign.